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The Different Functions at a Model United Nations

Secretary General

The Secretary General hereafter refered to as the S.G. is the highest authority at each Model United Nations except other wise. He/she is fully responsible for all the administrative task executed by the rest of the staff, all aimed at ensuring the smoth running of the conference. Meaning the individual must possess leadership qualities, organizational skills as well a good command in public speaking. The S.G. is considered the the captain on Board and hence must know how to keep the team together and encourage team work. Except other wise, most Model United Nations S.Gs act as the public relation officers for the conference. They take upon the task of raising funds and searching sponsors and partners for the conference.

MUN Delegate

A Model United Nations delegate is a participant who represents the position of a country other than his country of origin, and deliberate on issues from the country's perspective, and NOT the delegate's perspective or point of view. The delegates will play the positions of national representatives such as Ambassadors, Ministers, and other diplomats or representatives of intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). It will be wrong for a MUN Delegate to argue from his/her perspective which contradicts that of the country he/she is representing.


A Model United Nations delegation is a group of participants consisting of at least three members or more, depending on the Model United Nations and each member of the delegation shall represent the country's positon in the diffirent committees in which the country has membership. A delegation is always being led by a Head Delegate. Some Model United Nations delegations are often being sponsored by institutions such as Universities or even state institutions. Participating as a delegation eases the burden on delegates since most preparations are jointly done.


ChairA Model United Nations chairperson is an appointed or designated staff member who chairs all the sessions of a specific committee and ensure the smooth running of the committee. Prior to the conference, the Chairperson of each committee developes the topic to be discussed, and also write a detail preparation papers which will serve as a lead for the participants of that committee during their research. The preparatioj paper gives an overview on the issue to be discussed with going into details nor proposing solutions. At some Model United Nations, the chairperson establishes communication platforms with delegates even before the conference starts, which gives them the chance to know each other and help clarify any uncertainties and worries of delegates.


A MUN Co-Chairperson performs the functions all the functions of a Chairperson. He assist the Chair during sessions and even switch positions during the conference


A Model United Nations Usher plays a very important role during the conference. The Usher runs all the errands during the session and takes care of documents meant for distribution. Since delegates are not allowed to communicate directly with each other durring the session, all communications are channeled through the Usher and the usher may at his/her discretion read the content of this messages. If it voilates any of the rules he/she may decide to notify the chairperson or politely call the the sender to order.